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Now available in Great Britain.

Nassau Quattro the ball which hit the headlines in late 2016. found it performed as well or better than Pro V1's

Nassau Quattro - a fantastic ball - why not give yourself the edge next time you play?

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Quattro Available Logo Printed

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NASSAU Quattro -
Tour Performance

Nassau QuattroWhilst it is true that the leading players in the world do not play this ball - in tests in 2016 it flew further off the tee and provided as much or more control around the green as the market leading ball. The only element which is not premium about this ball is the price. This is a 4-piece ball which offers exceptional performance, being both long off the tee and yet also capable of great control around the green. With one of the thinnest and softest thermoset urethane covers combined with the cleverly engineered core this is a ball which can compete with anything on the market.

After 18 holes there is a very good chance it will look as good as new. (Based on my personal experience.)


Golf on free to air TV in the UK is becoming scarce provides the answer to the lack of TV coverage.

YouTube is developing its own stars who are able to bring a much greater insight to the game because they are not presenters talking about golf, but good golfers creating great content.

Below are three links to some YouTube videos and there stars.

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" so sometimes we might not like what critics say but the only answer to that is to try and address the issues highlighted.

Mr Peter Finch had some feedback and here at we have tried to address the issues relating to some dodgy photos.

Graphics aside Peter was kind enough to say that he had been enjoying playing with the Nassau Quattro golf ball.

Peter Finch on Golf Balls

Chris Finch Plays Masham

Dan Whitaker Golf Coach


An ideal choice if you're new to golf.

A USGA and R&A approved 2-piece match ball. This ball offers lower back and side spin ideal for long drivers, designed to keep your ball on the fairway.

As with all balls in the range this can be printed with your logo. An ideal choice for corporate events and everyday golf.


Nassau QX


Designed to play well for many rounds.

A forgiving 2-piece ball. Longer off the tee and with more feel than the Nassau QX. A great ball which has a very good chance of still looking good after 4 rounds of golf. (Assuming you do not hit too many trees etc!)

In the European longdrivers championship in 2013 this was the tournament ball.


Nassau Plus


Offers great distance off the tee with good control around the green.

A forgiving 2-piece ball providing more control than the Nassau Plus. It has a 414 dimple pattern with 4 different size dimples to provide minimal air resistance and maximum lift. A ball known for being long off the tee and fairway, which will still look good after several rounds, which also offers great feel on and around the green.


Nassau Cyber

NASSAU Procyber -
Tour Performance

A very popular ball in many European countries known for flying very straight (subject to your golf swing!).

A 3-piece ball with a super soft feel thanks to the ultra-thin thermoset urethane cover, but does not mark easily. During extensive testing using a golf robot and a variety of balls available on the market the Procyber played exceptional straight. An ideal choice for those looking to lower their handicap and low handicap players. As with the Quattro this ball is capable of competing with anything available.


Nassau Procyber

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