A logo printed golf ball could last years...

Why not add your logo and web address to golf balls?

2 Choices... for your Logo Printing

If time allows - around 9-weeks the balls can be printed during production and then varnished.

This offers a number of benefits

  1. Lower cost per ball for printing.
  2. The design will last longer as it will be covered by a protective coating.
  3. Price per ball from 75 pence printed in 4 colours.

This does require the purchaser to think further ahead.

To provide a feel for the sort of budget you would require.

Option 1 Allow 9 Weeks For Delivery

Golf Ball Quantity^ Price pb £ Budget £*
QX 960 0.75 720
Plus 960 0.86 826
Cyber 720 1.25 900
Procyber 480 1.86 893
Quattro 480 2.08 998

^ minimum order

* plus VAT - prices above are based upon you supplying the artwork. Printing is included in the above for up to 4 colours.

For Those Who Cannot Wait...

Prices for printing 240 balls in one colour start from £261.40 plus vat because of the multitude of options for more information please request a quote.