Driving Range Balls Available

  • One piece
  • Two piece
  • Three piece

Within the Nassau range their is a ball to suit every type of range experience.

Range Balls - One Piece

One Piece designed to play like a two piece ball construction but being one piece offers maximum durability in a range ball.

Two Piece - Range Balls

Two Piece designed to play like a performance ball but being within a two piece construction

90 compression - 60% flight distance.

Three Piece - Range Balls

A 3 piece soft feeling range ball. The cover is a 392 dimple, 2mm thick high end Dupont surlyn blend. Distance and performance is equal to 3 piece game balls. 75 compression for a very soft impact feeling. The optimum Dupont surlyn cover blend assures a good durability even in tough conditions.

Floating - Range Balls

A standard 2-piece construction that plays like a Range Two ball, but floats on water due to its unique core.

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